Fun-packed Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Whether your son/daughter is celebrating his/her 6th birthday, 7th birthday or 8th birthday, celebrating it can bring so much pleasure and joy. Every milestone matters. The growth and the development of your child is something that needs to be celebrated. However, putting together a kid’s birthday party can be a bit challenging. You need to address that specific age and organize activities that the kids enjoy. Fortunately, we have some fun activities that kids definitely get excited about. The best part is that these activities are not so expensive. 

Potato sack race

Kids love a bit of challenge. Getting them into a good old fashioned sack race will definitely get them all hyped up. All you will need is some large potato sacks or something similar. Make sure they are kid-friendly and clean. You don’t want anyone to get allergies or rashes. Even pillow cases (king size) will do. Make sure you reward the winners or everyone with a small gift.

The limbo

‘How low can you go?’ is a chant that you’ll hear if you get a limbo. A limbo celebration will get the kids and even the adults to their feet. It is more of a dance but it is definitely thrilling and exciting. A pole and some music , that’s all you will need for this small activity.

Bounce castle

Now, hiring a bounce castle might be a bit expensive compared to the other activities on the list. However, this is a must have for kids parties. All you got to do is look for a quality kids jumping castle hire Melbourne and all the kids will be having the best time ever. This is a great way to get everyone to bond with one another. A bounce castle is one thing that every kid loves.

Musical Chairs / statues

2 other good old favorites that will get the kids all laughing and dancing. Musical chairs is simple and you will only need some chairs and music. Musical statues will only need a space and some music. Both are simple, easy and definitely fun-packed. Again, rewarding the kiddies will get them all grinning and smiling.

Balloon bursts

Balloons are a must have party decor. Why not use it for a fun activity? All you got to do is put some treats or gifts inside the balloons, blow them up and challenge the kids to burst them without using their hands. That is either by sitting or jumping on them.Kid’s birthday parties are a great opportunity for them to have fun. So, make sure you make it as exciting as possible.