Never Too Late To Try And Test Out Something New

These are just few instances where you can always go for it and try it. There are other things like changing careers, trying something new in your dining room and bed room, moving to a new city for various productive reasons, or it might be simple as trying a new restaurant or ice cream flavor where you just have to try them out before passing a judgment on it. If you think that you want to involve anything that would make yourself a better person, then you should go for it because you will have no regrets in the long run as well as save all the time, you might spend on wondering what would it have been!How many times have you walked past a place – a restaurant, and wondered is the food here good, how is the ambience? It would have taken you few minutes to an hour to actually check out the place and food. But you would rather not try new things. It is alright to live a life without trying new things as long as you do not regret it. But, if you see yourself wondering or regretting a certain decision, then it is never too late to re write over them and make new memories. Research on the elderly population had shown that most of the people had regrets on not trying certain things or cutting something short due to family constraints. Here are few regrets that people often had and few solutions on how to redeem it.


Surprisingly, most of the people did not regret the wedding in itself or the life of being married or even the person they chose. It probably is due to the fact that they have been together for few decades and they have an understanding of each other. They regretted they either spend too little time on details like having an engagement party without proposing to their partner or having a little too modest wedding.If you are worried that your engagement proposal was not movie quality, you can always ask your partner to marry you again (and renew your vows). There are several engagement proposal ideas that can be found online that can range from being simple to extravagant. The other disappointment was seen in the way their wedding ceremony took place. The problem lies in having too many people in their wedding whereby they did not get to enjoy themselves, in other instance; they eloped and had a civil wedding. It is never too late for marriage proposal Melbourne which actually is apt for you and your partner.


Most the people had settled in their career due to the fact that it is the source of their income and they cannot gamble with their future and their family’s stability. However, it is never too late to try something new or pursue something you want. As much as you need to support your family, your well-being is also equally important. Research shows that job satisfaction has an impact on life satisfaction of a person and would in turn affect their view on the life.

Food and travel

As sad as it sounds, people often regret not trying out new food and travelling often. It is one of the saddest things a human being who should have lived a full life could tell. They can go on trips and tours but there will be several food restrictions, medical emergencies and several other factors that will inhibit them. Therefore, it is better to try new food and travel when you can.Apart from the above mentioned, there are several other factors like partying and enjoying life as a youngster, working on themselves and their skills, having frenemies, not standing up to someone who was stepping all over them, not trying extreme sports and the list goes on. It is impossible to live without regret but it is also possible to do things spontaneously and actually live a little on the side of your actual boring life. 

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