Tips To Help You Design Your Small Garden

Who says you can’t have your dream garden come true if you have only a small garden space or surroundedby concrete?! The trick behind making it happen, is being smart about it. So here are some tips to help you design your very own small garden despite the lack of space.

Design your own greenhouse

Just because you have limited soil space to physically grow your own veggies and plants doesn’t mean you should give up on it on the whole. Nowadays you have the easy and smart option of hosting your own mini greenhouse with all the plants that you have always wanted to grow! All you need to find are some outdoor chairs Melbourne and plant seeds and voila you are good to go!!! You could start with a simple glass cabinet and work your way through!

Plants under the window

Probably the easiest and smartest option for you to have your own little garden close to your heart and self literally, is to design your own little planting space just under your kitchen window sill. This would allow you to take better care of it as well. For it to be more practically helpful in your kitchen needs, you could grow herbs and such, that you can straight away pluck and add to just about any dish you are making! If you are unable to design such a place you can use outdoor pots and grow them in the same manner.

Hang a hammock

If you don’t have even the smallest amount of space to literally grow plants from the ground, then use your concrete surroundings in a way to surround it with nature and plants. Hang a hammock and have it surrounded by potted palm plants and other creepers and hangars that grow in pots. This way you can complement your grey surroundings with green and light!

Low walls = extra seating

Sometimes even if you want to add more seating space in your small garden space, there is only so much you can try to fit in. So instead of contemplating the different ways you can squeeze in an extra chair or two, simply build low walls that either surround a small gardening pit or a pot placer and use that as extra seating!

Use shelves

When you have limited space for your pots, the best way to make up for it is to install shelves in to walls. This way you can easily place just about any pot without having to worry about having no space to grow them. Try the above tips in your own small garden and realize for yourself just how much you can make things work even for the smallest space!