What To Pack In Your Dog’s Bag For His Stay At The Kennel Facility

When going for a trip, it’s important to prepare your luggage with your belongings essential for your travel. But if you have a furry friend with you, it’s not only your travel booking and your luggage that you should concern yourself with. You will also have book your doggo for a stay at the kennel facility while you’re away and to prepare another bag for your little buddy with everything he needs for him to feel comfortable.

The best dog boarding Perth will get your pooch covered with his needs for a pleasant stay for him, includingcomfy bedding; nutritious foods; fun toys; and other necessary supplies. But there may be some additional things that he might need in particular for him to fully enjoy his stay and for you to feel more confident about leaving him there.

Important Contact Numbers

Your pooch will be under professional care that you can count on at the doggy and good puppy daycare. But to be a responsible parent, you must leave some important contact numbers in case of emergency. This would include your phone number, the veterinarian’s number, and a close by emergency contact.

Medications and/or Supplements

Aside from providing comfort, your pooch’s health is also given importance at the kennel facility. There, they also administer medications and supplements. Bring enough to cover his whole stay. And remember to provide them with written instructions for intake, such as the dosage and the schedule.

Favorite Toys and Bones

Although the kennel facility does supply toys for your pooch to play with, he may have some favorite toys that he’s fond of playing with. Pack some of those favorite toys of his for his stay for a fun-filled playtime as he usually does at home.

Favorite Foods and Treats

Your pooch may have particular foods that he loves to eat. Although the dogs are fed with quality nutritious foods at the kennel facility, your pooch might prefer something else. A change in diet may negatively change his appetite or even an upset his stomach.  Know what kind of foods they provide and if he will like it. If not, then you can pack some foods for him. Also, packing for him some treats he enjoys will make him very happy.

Doggy Leashes

Your pooch will need a leash to be packed for him, to be guided around by the staff. And just in case the leash would get lost or broken, you may want to pack an extra leash.

Reminder of Home

Your pooch may have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends at the kennel facility, but there’s really no place like home, and he may miss you while you’re apart. Leaving for him something that has your scent like a shirt or a blanket will calm him down and make him feel close to you, though you’re not around.

Required Paperwork

Some paperwork is usually required when booking a dog’s stay at the kennel facility. These would usually include forms and documents, such as rule acknowledgment forms; contracts; medical records; and vaccination charts. If they have not yet been submitted beforehand, make sure that you bring these on the day you’ll leave your pooch at the facility.

Come the time you will need to travel and you will have to leave your pooch behind, you will also need to be responsible enough to secure his well-being while you’re away. Book him for a stay at a kennel facility and pack a bag full of his necessities and goodies to bring along in his stay, and he’ll be all good.